A tint in time saves nine

Office window tinting Perth keeps you cool during summer and warm during winter. Our technologically advanced Sun control film is cuts glare and solar heat by 93 % during height of summer in Perth. The summer in Perth could be quite unbearable and uncomfortable if you do not prepare yourself adequately, with the appropriate air-conditioning.

Having your air-conditioning running does not necessarily keep you comfortable inside. You could be losing a good quantum of your cooling to the elements outside. Heat bearing down on the glass windows would bring the ambient heat into your office and place an additional load on your air-conditioner, and it’s efficiency could drop drastically.

You could be silently losing your hard earned money. Office window tinting Perth has the answer for you, get your office windows installed with our advanced Sun control film and whilst saving money, provide a more conducive environment for your employees to increase productivity.

Our air-conditioning and heating requirements is not confined only to our workplaces. With temperatures of over 45 degrees Centigrade bearing down on us, during the height of summer and extreme cold weather during winter in Perth we need to keep ourselves cool or warm as the case may be.

Home window tinting Perth will respond to your call and place before you a No Obligation quotation, after reviewing the glass windows you would need to tint to keep the elements from bearing down on you. With very competitive prices offered by Home window tinting Perth you get your windows tinted pronto, and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in the cozy environs of your home sweet home.

Your car too needs the same attention that you would give your workplace and home. Increasing efficiency of your car air-conditioner or heater would greatly enhance better fuel consumption. The efficiency of these two has a direct bearing on the fuel you use. Car window tinting Perth using tried and tested Sun control film, could give you the saving you would envisage your car to perform for you.

Car window tinting Perthhas served the discerning Perth community well, for many years and our Sun control film has performed to optimum levels. Employing Car window tinting Perth would hold you in good stead as our applications carry the necessary statutory warranties and we stand steadfastly to uphold our commitment to our many satisfied customers.


Fencing adds value to your property

There is no doubt that fencing adds value to your property. With precisely demarcated boundaries on the perimeter of your property the security and privacy aspects are guaranteed. Selecting the type of fencing suitable to bring out the best from your property in keeping with your lifestyle is important. There are many materials with different designs and applications that you could select to construct your fences.

Whatever fencing you select it should be mutually agreed upon between you and your neighbours if you are sharing common fences. It is also a requirement of the local councils that the fencing that is selected is approved by the council, which information can be provided by fencing contractors. There are approved standards for fencing and it is imperative that fencing contractors adhere to them. There are laws governing the erection of fences and haphazard installations would be removed by the councils, which cost you unnecessary costs.

Colorbond fencing is most popular and widely used due to it’s versatility. Available in 14 attractive colours and with a ten year warranty it is a product developed in Australia in the late 1960’s. Colorbond fencing is part of an impressive product mix which has produced more than six million tons of Colorbond products since them

If you are a lover of natural products you could install timber fencing which is available in some very impressive designs and innovations. Timber fencing would bring a completely different dimension to your compound and home.

The other choice of many such is the use of screen fencing. This could be used in different forms, either the slats opening horizontally or vertically. Screen fencing could be of wood or any other material, depending on what you prefer.

Swimming pools are really water holes with danger looming around it. If adequate pool fencing is not installed it could turn into a deathtrap, especially for toddlers and little children. Pool fencing is one thing that you cannot afford to overlook if you have kids enjoying themselves in your compound.

The most appropriate security to avoid danger of a swimming pool accident would be glass pool fencing. Glass pool fencing provides controlled access to the pool to unsupervised entry and the other is when there are kids in the pool there is total visibility for adults to keep a watch, over them.   


Driveway repair and Asphalt resurfacing


Jim’s Group with more than 3400 franchisees spread around Australia and having extended operations into the USA, Canada, New Zealand and the UK are today the largest franchise holder in the country.

With dedicated, honest, hardworking and reliable franchisees overlooking every conceivable home service on offer, Jim’s Group is a force to reckon with, in the industry. We have set the standards which others follow, and we raise the bar higher with our exemplary service every year.

Jim’s Group strode out from humble beginnings, with our founder Jim Penman helping out home owners with their lawn mowing activities, during his spare time whilst studying for a doctorate in history. What began in 1982 has grown into a household name with nine out of ten adult Australians identifying home services with Jim’s.

The Paving division of the conglomerate, Jim’s Paving started operations after finding a severe need for the supply and execution of quality Paving. The industry was devoid of standards and the customers were at the mercy of unscrupulous individuals who were exploiting them.

Most of the Paving materials were substandard, whilst the workmanship was undesirable. The vacuum for an honest supplier with flare for quality workmanship had been created and Jim’s Paving readily accepted the opportunity and provided what the market was lacking, and has been successful.

With expansion plans for the future we call upon entrepreneurs with the same flare that we have exhibited over these years to join us and make a mark for them in this very profitable business. When you Buy Paving business and join us you would be another proud member of a very large family.

Our portfolio extends to many diverse Paving initiatives among them Spray Paving and Coatings. Our finished Coatings are held in high esteem wherever we have completed a job and left behind satisfied customers. Our Landscaping ideas have been well received by discerning home owners and we are sought for such advice by many others, on referrals.

Our referrals are one of our major advertising tools. We lay the best Driveways and if the area is prone to excess water we could help with Permeable paving. We have a very wide choice of materials that could be used in providing the best Permeable surfaces, and add colour to your walkways, and pathways.

We do Driveway repair and Asphalt resurfacing which would be to the highest standards that the local councils recommend. The Driveway resurfacing that we do is done using the most modern machinery and equipment. Our Concrete resurfacing though a simple task is done with the utmost care to provide an even surface throughout the area. With a Spray on concrete with the wide range of colours we have in stock, the space could be a place to behold.   

Coming on board a progressive conglomerate like Jim’s, when you Buy Paving franchise from us will hold you in good stead, to make you a popular individual in your neighbourhood. Our Paving franchise will connect you to state of the art communication networks.